BBC Students "Happy All-The-Days: The All-Nighter"

Friday, October 6th, 9pm – 6am @ The HUB
For 6th-12th Graders

This year, our all-nighter is getting a holiday theme – like, all the holidays. Throughout the night, we’ll be celebrating some popular (and not-so-popular) holidays as we go, like New Year’s (January 1), Rubber Ducky Day (January 13), World Pizza Day (February 9), Oreo Day (March 6), National Eat Your Jell-O Day (July 12), Christmas (December 25), Playing Card Day (December 28), everyone’s birthday, and any other holidays you want to celebrate!


  • Blanket & Pillow – if you dare to sleep
  • Comfy clothes
  • Appetite
  • Friends
  • Signed Permission Slip


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BBC Students 2023-24 Annual Permission Form Required

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