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Hey, kids! We’ve got some fun things for you! 

It’s Fall Kick Off!

Quest/Quest Jr. Children’s Church is back starting Sept. 27th

We will be re-opening children’s church during the worship service to children in Preschool to 5th grade! We are looking forward to meeting with you again in-person!

SEPT. 27: WISE (Week 1)
This week, kids wise up through hearing about how Solomon asked God for wisdom.

OCT. 4: WISE (Week 2)
This week, kids wise up through hearing about the Ark of the Covenant being brought into the temple.

  • Trunk & Treat is coming! Please bring in candy donations starting October 4th for this community outreach event! 

AWANA Clubs!
Wednesday nights from 6:30 – 7:30pm

Clubbers age 4 through Grade 6 are invited join us on Wednesday nights from 6:30 – 7:30pm for our mid-week program! Space is limited so be sure to register at the link below.

SEPT. 30: AWANA THEME: I want to be a…Night!
Clubbers can dress up as something they want to be when they grow up!  Pacing Calendar: Sparks: Rank 4 | T&T: 1.4

Pacing Calendar: Sparks: Rank 5 | T&T: 1.5

Weekly at Home Discipleship Lessons

Check your email each week for your BRAVE family lesson plan. It will include the bible story, memory verse, interactive activities, and engaging media resources, and more.

Find link below to be added to our BBC Kids mailing list.


This month, we are talking about being brave! Bravery takes many shapes and forms. Kids are faced with challenges every day that require some level of bravery, such has having to step out of their comfort zones, sticking up for someone or something they believe in, or simply being comfortable with and confident of who they are. The Bible stories about David and Esther in this series may seem larger than life at first. How do I relate to someone who was able to take down a giant with a sling? How can I actually do anything when I don’t have any power or authority – both David and Esther were royals! But upon closer inspection, kids will come to realize that David and Esther had God’s help –a lot of it –along the way. Through these stories, kids can discover small ways they can exhibit bravery, because God knows who they are and God can use their gifts. They will also find that a form of bravery is to show others mercy. Their bravery will be put the test with challenges, but God can help overcome those difficulties, and they can rest assured that God has a plan for their lives!


Put your PEACEFUL SEPTEMBER calendar challenge on your fridge! It’s packed with 30 prayer starters and ideas so you never have to wonder what to say during your prayer time. It’s a great way to help your kids learn to pray with more power and purpose while expanding their prayer language by learning new ways to pray: through scripture, listening, writing, music, movement, etc.

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