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Book of Zechariah:
“Remembrance & A Royal Hope”

Pastor Nate kicked off a new sermon series on October 11th titled “Remembrance and a Royal Hope” – a deep dive into the Old Testament book of Zechariah. Join us this Sunday as he continues this series.

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Part I. October 11th, 2020

Pastor Nate kicked off a new sermon series this week on the book of Zechariah. Key take aways included:

  1. God is faithful to be with us no matter the circumstance, but we must turn to Him.
  2. God does not want robotic obedience, but personal relationship.
  3. Despite our running from Him, He continues to offer Salvation, a Hope in the Kingdom to come.


Part 2. October 18th, 2020

Zechariah 2

Pastor Nate continued this week on the book of Zechariah. He spoke of eight visions. Key take aways included:

  1. Even when we’re surrounded by hardship, God is here, dwelling among us.
  2. We can leave the judgment up to God, He has promised to make things right.
  3. We are not good enough, but God’s Word, Jesus, is. He is the One that covers the sin we are yet plagued with.


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