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Teams: Our goal will be to form a minimum of 4 teams with 6 players per team.  A schedule will be provided for rotating team play. Season-end playoffs and Awards TBD.

Games: 5 Games per night; Wins/Losses will be reported at the end of the night for each team. No make-up games. Coordinators will verify they have a minimum of 4 players by 9:00 pm the evening before the scheduled match so as to let the other team know of any forfeits. Teams must have the required number of players in attendance by the end of the 1st game in order for the match to count. Ages 18 and up eligible to play.

Cost: $10.00 per person payable to BBC – Memo “Summer Volleyball”. 

Contact: Steve Roemer @ 763-360-5957 or complete the form below if you are want to play as an individual/join a team, have a team ready to play or would be willing to play as a substitute, or if you have any questions.

Note:  Players do not need to be regular attenders at Becker Baptist Church.

Playing Options

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